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2-Man Match Play (Single Elimination)



Fees, Eligibility, and Prize Money


Fees:             The annual dues of $125 pays all MGA tournament entry fees with the exception of the two Ryder Cup events. The member pays applicable cart fees.



Include:       The $125 membership dues are paid back to you! Typically, 50% of the field will be paid per event, so there is no reason to think you can’t get your money’s worth during the year!


                        In addition, MGA events are given “preferential” tee times for all events.

                        This is a great way to meet new golfing partners in a relaxed, and good-natured competitive environment.


Eligibility:  All primary dues paying adult male Bayou Club members with full golfing privileges are eligible for membership and shall be automatically billed in January by the Club for the annual dues.  Those Club members wishing not to participate in the MGA must inform the Club by no later than February 20th to avoid this charge.




Post all scores as soon as possible…day of play

  • Handicaps are now updated daily!
  • Failure to post on the day you play could affect the playing conditions calculation
  • Post away scores


No More Equitable Stroke Control

  • Max score on a hole is now Net Double Bogey (par + 2 + any handicap strokes)
  • After Feb 1st you can opt to post scores hole by hole and the system will automatically calculate your max hole score


If you play at least 7 but not more than 13 holes, then post a 9-hole score / If you play 14 or more holes then post an 18-hole score

  • When you pick up on a hole record the score you most likely would have made up to the max hole score (Net Double Bogey).
  • For any holes not played record Net Par (par + any handicap strokes)


All scores can be posted using the following methods:

  • Posting computer in the Pro Shop
  • Return to the Pro Shop for Posting
  • GHIN Mobile App




       The Committee reserves the right to designate certain events to be posted as tournament scores.

       The Committee reserves the right to impose disciplinary action for failure to post or if a player is manipulating his/her HDCP index.



Saturday, February 04 - Sunday, February 05