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Request for Proposal Lamppost Banners Creative
By Resort Municipality of Whistler

Call for Creative

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) is requesting proposals for a creative theme and the visual expression of the theme on banners installed on street light lampposts throughout Whistler.

This project will be of interest to artists and designers with expertise in painting, and/or illustration (including digital illustration), and/or photography, and/or graphic design.

The artist whose creative theme is selected will be responsible for:

1. Creating four diptychs (i.e. eight designs) consistent with the theme; and

2. Ensuring the finished, printed banners accurately represent the creative through discussion with a banner production company selected by the RMOW.


·        finished, printed banners will be 248 cm x 80 cm (97.5 inches x 31.5 inches).

·        10 cm (4 inches) at the top and bottom are stitched to create pockets for mounting hardware.

·        The content – images & script – must have visual clarity from a minimum distance of 5 meters.

Quantity & Timing: ~250 banners will be displayed April-October 2022 and April-October 2023.

Example: the current Fall/Winter banner series by Maxine Wolodko is indicated below.

· The theme Birds of Winter is expressed through four individual works.

· Each work is a diptych with the lamppost in the centre


Program Details

Artists interested in this project are invited to submit:

1. Résumé; maximum one page.

2. Previous work; minimum three examples | maximum ten examples.

·        The examples must represent at least three separate projects.

3. Proposed theme

·        A narrative description of the theme; maximum six sentences.

·        Must be relevant to Whistler and representative of Spring and Summer

·        Proponents may submit more than one theme.

4. Draft illustrations of all four diptychs; i.e. sketches.

Deadline and logistics

·        Proposals are due Friday February 4, 2022 at 2:00 PM Pacific.

·        Please submit proposals to Connor Eccles

·        Proposals must be submitted by e-mail with images provided as jpg or pdf.

·        Questions regarding this RFP must be submitted by e-mail to Connor Eccles.

·        A jury composed of RMOW staff will review proposals and select the successful proponent.

·        The project will be awarded by February 18, 2022.

·        The RMOW will notify all proponents of the jury’s decision.


Banner Design and Implementation

1.      February 18 to March 11 the successful proponent will finalize the four diptychs.

·        Four diptychs requires eight distinct files.

·        During design development the artist must submit drafts to the RMOW for review.

·        Drafts must be sent to Connor Eccles at

·        The RMOW logo must be included in each diptych.

·        The artist may include their signature in the design.

·        The eight files must be complete by March 11, 2022.


2.      Following RMOW approval of the creative, the artist will work with a banner printing company – which will be selected by the RMOW – to ensure accurate printing of the creative.

·        This will involve discussion or correspondence to confirm colour blends and other specifications to ensure accurate reproduction of the creative onto the banners.

·        If the original art is a painting, a large format scan must be used to create digital files.


· The artist budget for this project is $5,000 (five thousand) excluding tax.


· Deadline for artist submissions: February 4, 2022 at 2:00 PM Pacific

· Artist selection & notification: February 18, 2022

· Final art to printer: March 11, 2022

· Delivery of printed banners to RMOW April 13, 2022

Other Conditions

· The RMOW will not compensate proponents for proposals that are not selected.

· The RMOW is not required to award the project.

· The RMOW will use the designs for the purpose described in this Request for Proposal and potentially in promotional material to explain the program and/or to promote Whistler.

· Following the periods of display, the RMOW may:

§      Sell the used banners with proceeds contributed to the Whistler Community Foundation.

§      Donate used banners to not-for-profit organizations.

§      Recycle used banners in the creation of tote bags or other products.

· The RMOW will not use the banners for any commercial purpose without the artist’s consent