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Flower Friday- 5 Days of 420 continue... APE PAD 12-3p

5 Days of 420- Deals Apr 20- 24 (Deals Subject to Change)$1 Joint with every Purchase!!!

AIMSBuy AIMS 3.5g or 7g, Get a Blunt or Joint for $1  

Ape- Buy 2.2g Blunt, Get 1 for $2 

Banger Management – Buy 2g Fower, Get Liquid Death Water Free (Limited Qty, 1 Per Customer) 

Brite Labs – Buy Brite Labs 1g Joint, Get another for $5 

California Love- Buy 1g Surf Sauce, Get single Joint for $1 OR

Buy 14g Cruisers Joint Pack or 14g Smalls, Get Surf Sauce for $1 (Limited Qty, 2 Per Customer)  

 CANNBuy 4Pk or 6Pk, Get Roadies for $1 

CLSICS- Buy 1g Rosin, Joint Pack or 2 Singles, Get a Joint for $1 

Green Dragon- Buy an 1/8 or 1g Badder, Get a Badder for $1 (Limited Qty, 2 Per Customer)

Island- Buy an Island 3.5g, 7g or Joint Pack, Get a Joint for $1   

La Familia- Buy 100mg Treat, Get 10mg Churro Krispy for $1

Lost Farm - Buy Lost Farm Gummies or Chews, Get another for $2 

Nuvata- Buy a Nuvata Disposable Pen, Get another for $5 

Old Pal- Buy Old Pal Palitos Joint Pack or Cart, Get Joint 2Pk for $1 

Pure Beauty- Buy Pure Beauty Babies Joint Pack, Get Sea Star Indica 1g Joint for $1  

Stiiizy- Buy 1g Pod, Get LR Gummies for $2 (Limited Qty, 1 Per Customer)  

Uncle Arnie’s- Buy Uncle Arnie’s 100mg Drink, Get another for $1 

While Supplies Last!!!

Loyalty Points cannot be used in conjunction with BOGO deals. Discounts Do Not Stack.


April 22
9:00am - 7:00pm