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Food for Mood online cookery 2: Gut health
By Residential Life

ResiLife has joined up with Food for Mood to bring you three online cookery classes. After each class, you'll be given a £5 Sainsbury's voucher to reimburse you for your shopping! You'll be sent a recipe card and shopping list in advance and then you'll learn to cook the meal during the class, by following the instructor! Don't worry if you couldn't join us for the first class; it would be great if you could join the next two - sign up to each class individually. Here's why these classes are a great idea: 

Missing meals, long nights, relentless studying, and too much time online can make us feel lethargic, anxious, and make us more susceptible to illness. Join our 3-week online cooking class and learn:

  • How and what we can eat to bring maximum energy and stability to our brain and body.
  • What foods to add to your plate to feed your essential gut bacteria which produce our happy hormones
  • How to make sustainable and affordable changes that continue to make you feel focused, reassured, and confident about making better food choices.

Week 2 – Our gut bacteria are constantly communicating with the brain through the nervous system. Keeping them robust and healthy with prebiotic foods like sweet potato, apple and mushroom not only feeds the bacteria but reduces inflammation, and creates Vitamin B and K which support brain energy and growth.

Week 3 – This week we focus on sustainable changes and how to recognise hunger/fullness cues. We will explore your relationship with food and how we can gift ourselves with love and kindness. Warm spices will be used to create a delicious curry, perfect for the winter months, and essential fats from salmon fuel our brain and cell membranes which help us communicate effectively. 

30 November, 2022
18:00 - 20:00 (GMT)
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