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By The Talent Club
Andy Coe
Live at the Talent Club
Friday April 3rd, 2020
Doors: 8pm Show: 9pm
$10 Cover at the door

Andy Coe Band

Originally formed to pay tribute to guitar hero and folk legend Jerry Garcia, the Andy Coe Band has evolved into the liveliest psychedelic jam band to come out of the Pacific Northwest in years. Guitarist Andy Coe, with Gary Palmer on keys, Chris Jones on bass, and Scott Goodwin on drums, deliver stellar improvisational tunes in mystical proportions.

Coe turned every song into a personal exposition to explore the outer reaches of melodic frontiers.
Crazy Horse Saloon Nevada City, CA

These guys can do those sing-along-worthy country-rock ramblers and improv space-outs with equal aptitude. It’s like the Grateful Dead never died…
The Stranger Seattle, WA

Monday nights are typically hard nights to attract a regular audience, yet the Blue Moon is packed with sweaty, dancing music lovers on the regular.
Seattle Magazine Seattle, WA

A few minutes in Coe’s presence proves that his mercurial, serpentine leads vibrate close to that Garcia-esque golden mean.
The Stranger Seattle, WA

Andy Coe – Guitar and Vocals

With a rich background in jazz and a joyful enthusiasm for blues and psychedelic rock, Andy Coe is recognized as a deeply intuitive, emotive guitarist. As an architect of sound and style, Coe draws in listeners, making collective exploration and resolution accessible across genres. Born and raised in Seattle, Andy played in the critically acclaimed Roosevelt High School Jazz band before going on to graduate from the music department of the University of North Texas. He has played venues and festivals across the country and around the world ever since. Andy has performed with many great musicians including Jimmy Page, Duff McKagen, Jerry Cantrell, Kim Thayil, Paul Rogers, Rich Robinson, Reggie Workman, Rashied Ali, Ravi Coltrane, Norah Jones, Stanton Moore, Mike Clark, Bobby Previtte, Skerik, Mike Dillon, Karl Denson and many others. Currently Andy resides in Seattle and plays in Skerik’s Bandalabra, Tuatara, McTuff and the Andy Coe Band among others.

Gary Palmer – Keys & Vocals

Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Gary Palmer zigged and zagged his way from the Midwest to Texas, then to Chicago, and finally out to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Along the way, he met many fine musicians including the notorious Andy Coe. Upon moving to Seattle, Gary’s keyboard creativity branched out in a variety of directions. He continued to play with Andy in the psychedelic rock band In Lake’ch, he lent a hand to the indy rock group Polygraph Liar, and he also worked with singer-songwriter Josh Morrison in St. Kilda.
Gary can currently be found making waves of live electronica in his double drum-set double synthesizer band Gems, improvising piano music for ballet and modern dance, or exploring the ever new and unexpected musical frontiers in the Andy Coe Band. In the ACB, Gary draws continual inspiration from the incomparable talent and musicianship of his bandmates and, of course, from the insanely beautiful musical canon passed down by the Grateful Dead.

Chris Jones – Bass & Vocals

Chris Jones listened to ELP’s “Tarkus” on stereo headphones at age 6 and his whole world changed.  He realized there is an expanding universe of music that is complex, beautiful, and sometimes terrifying.  When he got a bass in his hands in 6th grade, that was it.  He worked to re-create music from his early bass heroes like Flea,  Les Claypool, Phil Lesh, and Ray Brown.  He played in every ensemble his school had to offer and formed multiple bands to fill the gaps.
Chris has filled his life with an education at the University of Washington, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and a career at the Village Theater.  He would like people to know he has played with Wynton Marsalis and Kenny Garrett but he has also played with The Osmonds, Nelson, and Bowser from “Sha Na Na.”  His recent Seattle bands include M. Bison, Bad Dream Good Breakfast, Eternal Fair, and Discs of Fury.
Chris’ approach to music is to be as diverse as possible to be ready for any situation.  His favorite music to play is open-ended and has no rules.  He learned the rules to know how to break them.  In The Andy Coe Band, through improvisation, he is reliving the first time he put on those headphones.

Scott Goodwin – Drums & Vocals

Scott Goodwin is a drummer, vocalist and songwriter featuring rock, country, funk and jazz stylings. Having achieved a Bachelor of Music at Eastern Washington University, Scott teaches music at the Seattle Drum School and regularly performs with The Andy Coe Band, RL Heyer, The Papillon Saints and Flowmotion along with many others. Residing in Seattle, Scott is one of the region’s most sought after drummers and regularly tours California, Alaska and the Northwest with various artists.
Scott has played on and written songs for a number of albums including The True Spokes(2012), Flowmotion-Ghost Pepper(2009) and The RL Heyer Trio-Turn Me Upside Down(2009). He has performed with a number of artists such as Lee Oscar, Vicci Martinez, Tim Bluhm, Steve Kimock, Tony Furtado, Marco Benevento and the Everyone Orchestra.
Playing with the Andy Coe Band over the last 5 years has been a great thrill giving Scott a chance to improvise and sing a whole lot. The interactive music and massive song list make it a non-stop adventure!
Reviews for Andy Coe

“Wielding his Gibson Byrdland like a pedal-driven Strat, journeyman guitarist Andy Coe solos compellingly in just about any style.” – Village Voice

“Well, it’s Monday night again, the worst time of the week for live-music entertainment… theoretically. But Seattle-area citizens do have an option that’s better than putzing around on the internet or zoning out in front of the tube. The five-piece Andy Coe Band do free shows at the Blue Moon Tavern every Monday. This arrangement allows guitarist Coe to stretch out for hours at a time and loose his peak-time Jerry Garcia–like excursions. It helps to have a long attention span here, but you can dip in, leave, and come back at any point and enjoy Andy Coe Band’s river of song. These guys can do those sing-along-worthy country-rock ramblers and improv space-outs with equal aptitude. It’s like the Grateful Dead never died…” – The Stranger

“Coe turned every song into a personal exposition to explore the outer reaches of melodic frontiers. Intent on playing the unexpected and bending his sound in ways unfamiliar to even the most seasoned ears, the plot continued to thicken as we ventured deeper into the night. We couldn’t help but think how phenomenal it must be to have achieved such synchronicity between one’s instrument and synapses, firing off streams of consciousness in seemingly effortless fashion. Well, effortless in the sense of coding coordinates for the space shuttle by a veteran NASA programmer” – Crazy Horse Saloon