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Halloween Concert Series
By The Talent Club

Join us for a Halloween Concert Series!
Three Dates Through October 30, 2021

Tickets are available for individual concerts at $20 per person or a three-night pass to the whole series for $60!

Click for Tickets to Dead AF *OR* 3- night pass.

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Click for Tickets to Ghost Bomber ONLY.

Thursday October 28th: Dead AF

The Rogue Valley's only Grateful Dead cover band!

Click for Tickets to this show. You can choose to purchase only tickets for tonight or a three-day pass for the entire series on this page.

Friday October 29th: Yak Attack

Click for Tickets to THIS SHOW ONLY

'Safety Third', featuring a slew of special guests, is available now on Ropeadope Records... LISTEN NOW!

1. Pump and Dump
2. Rule 1
3. U + Me (+Us)
5. Hear the Sound
6. Rule 2
7. Eighth Wonder
8. Safety Third

"Our latest studio album 'Safety Third' (Ropeadope Records) embodies what we've become known for - a continuous DJ-style dance party played with all real instruments. Each track flows seamlessly into the next, and the mix of electro-funk, pop, and house is augmented by a world-class roster of guest musicians. The result is our warmest and fullest-sounding record yet, with horns, strings, and winds complimenting the band's signature pulsing synth-driven grooves.

From the gritty opening riff of "Pump and Dump" to the infectious synth-pop vocals on "Hear the Sound", to the full Yakestra wall of sound on "Eighth Wonder", we crafted Safety Third to be an album you'll want to listen to over and over again."

Additional Musicians:
Nate Werth - Percussion
Jay Jennings - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Sly5thave - Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Bass Clarinet
Kevin Moehringer - Trombone
Nick Earl - Bowed Guitar
Little Warrior - Vocals on Hear the Sound
Sarah Clarke - Vocals on U + Me (+ Us)

Saturday October 30th: Ghost Bomber

Click for Tickets to THIS SHOW ONLY.

Garage rock at its WEIRDEST. GROOVY psychedelic dream-pop. KICK YOUR OWN ASS to hard driving 2 minute punk songs about being beaten up by INVISIBLE DEMONS. Marvel at unabashedly over-composed CIRCUS THEMES.We’ve got it all here at The Ghost Bomber Music Madness Experiment Factory, these prices are far too low, they’re SIX FEET UNDER. Speaking of six feet, don’t forget to try on our patented ANTIQUE DIVING SUIT FULL OF BEES guaranteed to make you forget your TROUBLESOME LIFE with our state of the art HIVE MIND TECHNOLOGY. One flick of the switch and our suits are filled with over 10,000 specially trained GHOST BEES to deliver relief where you need it MOST.