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Resident Island Dance Theatre (Online) - Performing Arts from Taiwan
By Taipei Cultural Center in New York

**Resident Island Dance Theatre will participate in the Center Stage Season 6 U.S. Tour during the 2022 and 2023 performance season.**


"Dance is always the manifestation of the messages that the body carries. We experiment with all sorts possibilities in dance as a form, explore the elements of and outside the body, and excavate the existing meaning within both simple and complex constructs. All moving objects carry all sorts of possibilities, and we are aiming to locate such existing meanings."


Resident Island Dance Theatre’s dances often originate, within the concept of multiple approaches to a subject matter, from the materials that embody the spirit of humanistic care. The Choreographer of the company has been committed to actively exploring contemporary dance styles. Since 2010, the company has been repeatedly acclaimed nationwide. Choreographer Chung-An Chang’s bold and profound practice of the body and approaches to materials allow the company’s works to always be enriched with vigor and spirits, while commentating on the society and the life itself in a sincere, original tone. The dance often represents discipline in itself through the incredible amount of energy and simplicity. Their high proficiency manifested from the non-superficial techniques exploits their artistic values.


The company undoubtedly counterbalances the industry, which is flooded with mimicry and humdrum choreographies, with the invaluable “originality” in dance. Since the beginning of the company in 2010, they have been creating a new work every year. Their groundbreaking and experimental performance and scenic design provide a different way of thinking to dance. Their post-modern critical and avant-garde perspective continues to center on humanistic and societal issues, allowing the company to interpret the state of mind and social phenomenon under the high pressure of the capitalist society. By communicating through the dance body, the company aims to enhance the audience’s intuition, reasoning, association, and imagination to further investigate the societal issues of capitalism.


Featured Production: Factory

The concept of a mechanical moving stage was originated by Choreographer Chung-An Chang, and was executed through the experimental collaboration project FACTORY with Seed Dance in 2016. Resident Island Dance Theatre re-produced this project in 2017 and was selected as one of the finalists in the BEAT Public International Choreography Competition in Madrid, Spain. Its uniqueness captures the attention and sparks conversation on both domestic and global stages. It explores and develops an unprecedented approach to performance, as well as an innovative, thoughtful vision for scenic design. Resident Island Dance Theatre continued the experiment on integrating performing arts with technologies for mechanical moving stage at the Summer Dance Arts Festival and Monkey Dance Showcase in Pingtung County in 2018, Gothenburg Fringe and Istanbul Fringe in 2019, Taiwan Avignon Off in 2020/2021.

"Chung An’s 'Factory' should not just refer the factory in the reality, but also to a metaphorical life factory. Furthermore, it tells that everyone makes tremendous labour, some people even need to work harder in the sweatshop. Visual impairing doesn’t influence his extraordinarily perceptive. Although his remaining vision has limited visibility, it seems that he can see the true precise aspect." - Ann Hayward, Performing Arts Review


Contact Person

HSIAO Shu Lin (Sasa), Company Manager