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Hospice Care - Bereavement Drop-In Teas
By Community

The “Drop-in-Teas” is something we can offer our families, alongside supportive listening. It’s an opportunity to meet other families, that may potentially live close by and these families will all be going through and experiencing the same thoughts and feelings.


They will be in a safe space, with trained volunteers there to offer support if needed.

We hope that as they get to know one another, they will be able to form friendships and gain confidence to go out. It’s also in a comfortable place where they feel they can drop in and leave, depending on how they are feeling.


The Waffle Café is light, cheerful and welcoming. We think it will be a fabulous place for our families to be able to meet and begin their healing

30 March, 2023
14:00 - 16:00
Waffle House
The Community Waffle House Trinity House
Axminster, United Kingdom
Waffle House