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Dance For Fun Group
By Valerie Stulikova

This group is led by Valerie Stulikova and she will share her dancing expertise at this fun group class specialising in Charleston and tap dancing. The class will be weekly and last 60 minutes.


WHERE: Studio Itaka Korunni 35 Prague 2 Vinohrady


COST:  150CZK per lesson.


DETAILS:  Payment for the 4 lessons 600CZK will need to be paid in advance so that the Gym can be booked for the four weeks,  For those unable to attend a lesson can transfer the lesson to a friend.


Another option is that two ladies may wish to share a course of the four lessons.  If any class has to be cancelled the class will move to the next week. 


Valerie will also video each lesson so that those who may miss a session can catch up.


Maximum participants 12 


Those wishing to sign up please contact Valerie directly by the 7th April.


Now is the the time to brush off the cobwebs, wiggles those hips and get out those dancing shoes on.


01 December, 2022
10:00am - 11:00am