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Vamos de CaTapas // After work drink

Hola friends!

The spring has (more or less) arrived also in Belgium and gives the perfect excuse to socialise a bit more and spend even more golden moments with fellow Catapistas!

Do you feel that every time when you go to a Catapa event or meeting, there are still new faces and even though you have been a Catapista for years, there are still so many unknown faces?
Or on the contrary, you’re brand new in Catapa and wouldn’t mind to get to know more mates than the always-everywhere-present office crew?

With this series of social gatherings we would like to invite ALL the Catapistas on a monthly basis to come together and chill together!

To start we will meet this Thursday in Jan van Gent for some after work drinks.

Come and let’s resonate together on the big questions of the world or just simply enjoy a peaceful moment together far from the Catapa office.

See you on Thursday!

April 11
Jan Van gent
Annonciadenstraat 1, Ghent 9000