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Vamos de CaTapas // Brunch in the farm

Hola dear Catapistas!

Two months after our first Vamos de CaTapas we are back with our 2nd edition!
What could be a better occasion for gathering together than a Monday when we do not have to work?
On the 10th of June we will invite you to a festive brunch at Mattijs’ place in Sint-Denijs-Westrem where we can enjoy the sun together in a green environment.

However the concept of Vamos de CaTapas aims at meeting new Catapistas and talking about your life, your favourite animals, your love, etc. but not about CATAPA, this time there will be still an opportunity to work together on CATAPA startegies and policies for the ones who can’t miss a day without CATAPA.
Mattijs will organise a working session for new strategies and policies of CATAPA on the same day on the same location. This activity will take place in the morning starting at around 9am and after the relaxing brunch break from around 1pm they will continue the work. If you’re interested in this session, please let Mattijs also know! Thanks!

If you will feel, thus, full of energy to contribute to the future policies of CATAPA then you’re more than welcome to join to the working session, but staying in a relaxed tune and coming only for the brunch from 11am is also an option 😉

See you on Monday!

June 10
11:00am - 1:00pm
Beukenlaan 37
Beukenlaan 37, 9051 Gent