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Musical Bingo – CANCELLED

You probably know what bingo is. You certainly know what music means. But have you ever thought of combining them both? Catapa brings you this brand-new, revolutionary concept!!!

On Saturday June 22nd we organise a Musical Bingo. What is this you may ask? This is THE chance to bring up your music knowledge while enjoying some innocent maybe fierce competition. Who will be the first person to recognise all the songs and cross them off of his/her bingo card? The winner(s) will be awarded with good prizes – more information on this coming soon.

Whether you are an oldies fan, you prefer a more contemporary style, or maybe you just can’t get enough of soundtracks: Whoever you are, there is a special round for you! We will be playing different rounds with songs from the 60s-70s, 80s-90s, 2000s, soundtracks and even some Belgian classics! And since we know fun is better enjoyed with others, we invite you to bring your friends, neighbours, family, colleagues and anyone who might help you fill in the decade-music-gaps you might have.

REGISTER your group before June 16th by sending an email to
Registration costs 10€ regardless of how many people form the group (from 2 to 5 people), and it includes two bingo cards.
Registration is not compulsory but it is ADVISED since the capacity is limited.
Entrance on the spot without registration costs 5€ per person, and it includes one bingo card.

There will be drinks, food and tapas available. And we will close up the event with a musical surprise on which you will not miss out! Come play the ultimate musical bingo. Looking forward to having you there 🙂

Catapa vzw is a local, volunteer movement that strives towards sustainable development with a focus on mining issues in Latin America. We work together with local communities affected by large-scale mining, and we support them in their daily struggles against the impact of the extractive industry. One of the ways we do so is by having volunteers (Catapistas) in the field, whom we call GECOs – Global Engagement Catapa Officer. This is a fundraising event to support the work of our GECOs in our Latin American partners.

June 22
7:30pm - 11:00pm