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Catapa at Power Shift 2019

CATAPA is joining this power shift training that will take place in the UK in July. The training is organised by People & Planet (one of the partners of our current European campaign Make ICT Fair), Sweatshop Free, Fossil Free UK and Undoing Borders. Are you interested in joining too? We would love to have as many Catapistas as possible on board!!!💚


At Power Shift 2019, 150 students from across the UK and Europe will come together to understand social injustices and join the dots between them. Together, we’ll imagine the future we want to live in and leave confident to go about building it through campaigns on our campuses and in our communities. We’ll build the networks and link up our campaigns to maximise the impact of our student movement. Through expert trainings, we will develop the skills to campaign and win: campaign strategy, action planning, grassroots organising, building sustainable groups, media and communications, and so much more.

Sometimes the future couldn’t look more uncertain for young people, but our resistance is growing as we take on those driving the many crises of our time. Power Shift 2019 will give students the tools to campaign and win on the issues that matter as part of a radical national network.

Precarity defines our economic lives with low-paid and insecure jobs dominating the economy. But they’re fighting back with recent strikes against McDonald’s, Deliveroo and Wetherspoons. The rights of workers in global supply chains are degraded to profit a wealthy few. They’re organising to rid supply chains of modern day slavery. We face the hardening of borders, stigmatisation of immigration and the rise of nationalism worldwide. But communities are coming together to reject racism, support migrants and build solidarity across borders. Our higher education is expensive and increasingly exposed to neoliberal marketisation. But an almost decade-old student movement has condemned these reforms at every turn and made free education common sense for many.

The rent is too damn high and too many young people can never imagine owning a home. But we’ve seen a wave of rent strikes targeting universities and tenants unions taking on landlords. Parallel to all of these social crises is climate breakdown and our ecologically unsustainable economic system. Now, more than ever, we are waking up to the urgency of addressing climate change by fundamentally transforming our society so people and planet come before profit. Students are taking on the fossil fuel industry and are winning and grassroots resistance has stopped the UK fracking industry in its tracks before it began.

Over the 5 days of this participatory training you will:

Organise to win! Get the tools you need to channel your passion to fight injustice.

Join a network of student organisers! Get to know and learn from some of the most inspiring student organisers across Europe.

Explore the root causes of local and global injustice! It’s only by tackling the root cause of an issue that we will create lasting change.

Shape national campaigns! Feed into our national campaign strategy for our Sweatshop Free and Undoing Borders.

COST: £42 (including food for 5 days) and only if you’re an Early Bird and get your ticket by Monday 3 June, after that it’s £50.

ACCOMMODATION: bring a tent, sleeping bag, yoga mat and anything else you need to feel comfortable! If you want to apply for dorm space, please write to us at

ACCESS: the site is accessible, and we will seek to make reasonable adjustments for anyone who has concerns about site access. To discuss this in more detail, please contact us at

This event has been funded with support from the European Commission. This event reflects the views only of the organiser, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

July 03 - July 07
5:00pm - 3:00pm
Shaws Campsite Cudham
144 Cudham Lane North Cudham, TN14 7QT London, United Kingdom