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Thesis 4 Change – Inspiration evening with Catapa

Are you looking for a thesis topic? Would you like to engage in topics related to environmental issues? Would you like to do research on the social and environmental impacts of mining in Latin America or look for solutions and alternatives together with us? Or is large-scale mining and the issues related to it simply a completely unknown field for you and you would like to learn about it?

Come to this inspiration evening of CATAPA vzw!
We invite you to an evening full of inspiring thesis topics presented by recently graduated students. You can learn about their motives, challenges and results of their research and ask for advice for your own thesis and research.

The topics of the evening will be all related to the social and environmental impacts of mining in Latin America, which includes different study fields. During the evening you will, thus, be able to learn about gender issues in Colombia, water contamination in Bolivia and land conflicts in Peru, among others.

Join our evening and get inspiration for a thesis for change!

What is CATAPA?
CATAPA is a social and environmental volunteer movement which works towards social and environmental justice focusing on mining related issues in Latin America. We conduct research about mining issues, organise sensitizing events against mining and support our local partners in Latin America by capacity building and internationalising their struggle for environmental and social justice.
Each year we supervise several students writing their thesis about mining related issues and about ICT public procurement.

October 23
6:30pm - 9:30pm
Green Office Gent
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, Ghent 9000