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Intro to Neurotoxin

Intro to Neurotoxin 

Introduction to Neurotoxins is a comprehensive course formulated for medical professionals and is the first step into the world of cosmetic injectables. This course introduces you to on-label neurotoxin injections for the glabella, forehead, and crows feet. In the didactic portion of this course, we will cover facial anatomy and physiology, the history of neurotoxins, types of neurotoxins, reconstitution, and storage, treatment areas, patient selection, injection technique, possible complications, and injection supplies.

The didactic portion is the scheduled day you choose upon purchase, they are offered monthly. The hands-on portion of this course occurs on a later scheduled day after the didactic portion. Our students are encouraged to bring up to 6 live models for comprehensive instruction for their hands-on clinical that will be scheduled roughly 2-4 weeks after the didactic portion. During your hands-on, clinical Instructors will review everything covered during the didactic portion of the class. The focus is on safety and technique and the clinical instructors will guide you with your injections. The student to Clinical Instructor ratio is 1:1 for the hands-on clinic. We are happy to help you book models however we encourage you to book as many as you can to start building your clientele! We developed this two-day curriculum to make sure you are getting the most out of our training program!

October 20
10:00am - 6:30pm