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Buffalo Nichols @10pm, Barfield @12am

Buffalo Nichols @10:00pm, Barfield @12am – $20 admissions at the door. Advance tickets have ended. Will Call @9:00pm – No hard or electronic tickets. 21+ only.

For all the moonlighting he’s done in other genres over the years, Carl Nichols always comes back to the blues. At various points in his career Nichols has played gospel (despite being an atheist), West African music (despite being born and raised in Milwaukee) and, as one half of the acclaimed folk duo Nickel & Rose, Americana (despite having some deep reservations about that genre’s long history of appropriating black music without always welcoming black musicians). None of those gigs, however, extinguished his desire to play the kind of traditional, acoustic blues he grew up admiring. “I always related to the blues,” Nichols concludes. “I grew up in abject poverty. I experienced racism. And when I would sit down with a blues record, I could hear that in the songs. Now I want to be that person that I never got to see on stage.”


October 15
The Continental Club
1315 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, USA