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SOLD OUT SHOW The English Beat at 6pm


A story behind every song…
Dave Wakeling is a hell of a nice guy! Dave loves to tell you the stories behind his songs, either from stage or after the show.  Ask any one of the thousands of fans who have met him over the years and that’s what you’ll hear. Never mind that Dave is the singer/songwriter from two of the most popular bands of the end of the millennium, The English Beat and General Public, he’s a stand up man from Brum.  Whether it’s the personal as political in How Can You Stand There, making politics personal in Stand Down Margaret, taking a stand against global warming as he did making Greepeace’s Alternative NRG, or helping little kids stand tall with Smile Train, Dave has always stood for something.                                                                     Hailing from working-class Birmingham, England, Dave and The English Beat entered the music scene in the troubled times of 1979.   When The English Beat rushed on to the music scene it was a time of social, political and musical upheaval. Into this storm came they came, trying to calm the waters with their simple message of love and unity set to a great dance beat. Dave Wakeling once told me that every great band only has three really good albums. And true to form, The English Beat disbanded in 1983, after their third album, “Special Beat Service”.                                                                                                            The English Beat goes on…Having accepted and embraced his true calling again (thanks Declan) , Dave continued to perform, touring back and forth across the States.  Dave did it old school, touring clubs and playing countless gig from sea to shining sea, re-connecting with his Beat and General Public fans and building a strong and loyal fan base that continues to love his songs and embrace the evolution of his music.                                                        Dave is currently entering a musical renaissance and, still enjoying that legacy moment, he’s now planning on going into the studio to lay down a new album. Dave also continues to tour as The English Beat, as he had done for the last three decades, with an amazing all-star ska backing band (featuring players from The English BeatGeneral Public, and guest stars from the likes of The SpecialsThe Selecter, and other 2Tone bands) playing all the hits of those bands and his new songs.  Expect the unexpected and prepare to be blown away by the ever-changing King of Ska!                                                                                                                                One thing that hasn’t and won’t change though, Dave Wakeling remains a hell of a nice guy.

November 27
6:00pm - 9:00pm
The New Hope Winery
6123 Lower York Rd, New Hope, PA 18938, USA