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Manifesting with Meditation
By Lisa Ann

“EVERYONE has the ability to Manifest what they truly want in life!  You just have to understand how to do it the RIGHT way!  Come and manifest with us!  It is time to turn your dreams into Reality!

Psychic Lisa Ann

Learn from a PRO!
Creating my dream life…CHECK!  Living by the beach….CHECK! Meeting my Mr. Right….CHECK!  Driving my dream car…CHECK! and on and on.  My friends call me the “Queen of Manifestation” but the truth is I didn’t always find it so easy.  In fact it took me YEARS to master the art of manifesting!  It seemed that no matter how many books I read or classes I took I couldn’t get it to work for me.  But then one day it just all made sense! Join me once a month as I teach you all the secrets to Manifesting (THE RIGHT WAY).  

Each class will start with a little chat then we will move on to meditation.  We will also discuss things you can do in your daily life to keep the energy of manifesting flowing!   NO experience necessary and you can join at anytime!

Benefits of Manifesting Meditation:

  • be around “normal” like minded people
  • be supported by others creating the life they want
  • keep yourself in the FLOW and ENERGY of manifesting
  • learn all the tricks to keep your mind focused and working WITH you instead of against you


Ready to start manifesting?  Here is a quick tip:

  • put a picture up on your bathroom mirror of what you are trying to manifest
  • every night before you go to sleep imagine your life as if that thing you are manifesting already exists!

This is a great first step to manifesting!