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Psychic Development with Meditation


“EVERYONE is psychic!  It infuriates me when I hear psychics telling people how they were born with a very special gift.  We were ALL born psychic!  Being psychic is not a gift.  The gift is in learning how to pay attention and fine tune your psychic abilities/intuition!”

Psychic Lisa Ann

Learn from a PRO!
Lisa Ann has been a Full Time Professional Psychic for over 20 years!  She has lots of tips and tricks to assist you in tapping into your psychic abilities and/or take your abilities to the next level!   Lisa Ann has yet to meet someone she couldn’t help to tap in!  
Remember you don’t need to learn how to be psychic/intuitive….we are all psychic/intuitive.  You just need to practice and build your confidence!  You will love the energy at Spiritquest!  Dress comfortable, come with an open mind and be ready to have lots of fun!

Each class will start with a mediation to help you better connect with your intuition, then some fun exercises to really help you tap in and fine tune your skills and we will end with some quick tips for you to try at home!  NO experience necessary and you can join at anytime!

Benefits of Psychic Development:

  • be around “normal” like minded people
  • improve your psychic/intuitive abilities
  • learn to trust your gut
  • get validation and feedback from others in the group
  • get to play with lots of cool tools (crystals, pendulums, cards, etc)
  • practice working with guides and angels


Ready to start  fine tuning your Psychic Abilities?  Here is a quick tip:

  • start keeping a journal
  • every time yo get a “gut” feeling about something jot it down and date it
  • after a month or two take a look back at everything you wrote…you won’t believe how on the money you are!


October 10
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Spiritquest Southern Pines
135 East Pennsylvania Avenue
Southern Pines, North Carolina United States