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Past Life Regression Workshop
By Lisa Ann

Ever wonder who you were in a Past Life?  Ever feel like you have been someplace before?  Feeling blocked by the same issues over and over?  Ever wonder where certain unexplained fears came from?  Ever wonder why you are drawn to certain places, people or things?

Then this is the workshop for you! Join us as we learn how to tap into your Past Life memories, energy, and abilities!  You will also learn how to understand and use your own Past Lives to heal issues from your current life and reach your fullest potential!

A group regression will also be done so dress comfortably.

In 2001 Psychic Lisa Ann receiving her Past Life Training from Brian Weiss Author of “Many Lives Many Masters” (or as she refers to him…the Godfather of Past Life Regression)!  Since then she has used Past Life Regression to help people remove fears and blocks as well as tap into hidden talents!


August 08
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Spiritquest Ocean Isle Beach
6649 Beach Drive SW #2
Ocean Isle Beach, NC United States