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Psychic Development – Living Loving Manifesting in 5th Dimension

During this life changing workshop you will learn:

The one thing that is keeping you from living your dream life The Retreat, Reflect and Release Technique How to NOT allow negativity to lower your vibration Simple and effective techniques to raise your vibration How to finally create the life you want BUT THAT IS NOT ALL!!!! I will also show you:

How to tap into your inner GPS How to connect with your angels and guides How to look for and follow the signs the Universe is sending you How to work WITH the flow of the Universe You can’t change the past! The future isn’t here yet! All you have is this present moment to forever change your life!


“Many of you have followed my journey these last few years as I transitioned into my dream life! I can not wait to share all I have learned about creating the life your truly want! It can be done….I am living proof”!!!!! Psychic Lisa Ann


June 26
2:30pm - 4:30pm