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Reiki Master Certification with Psychic Lisa Ann
By Lisa Ann

Lunch and snack included in the price.

Please be aware you must have a Reiki I & II Certification obtained through Spiritquest in order to attend this class. MASTERS Certification class will cover the following:

Master Symbol Given
Review of the Manual
How to give Attunements
Review (Questions & Answers)
Hands-on session
Master Attunement given

Contrary to what certain healers may have you believe, at heart, we are all healers! Anyone can learn to become a healer! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your teacher. I do not care what kind of certification someone has or how famous they are or who they studied under….if that person makes you feel belittled or makes you feel uncomfortable you need to find a new teacher. A teacher is someone that teaches you with compassion, love, and understanding. They should NEVER make you feel less of a person or make you second guess yourself!

May 02
12:00pm - 6:30pm
Spiritquest Ocean Isle Beach
6649 Beach Drive SW #2
Ocean Isle Beach, NC United States