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Egyptian Magic with Rev Jonathan Sousa
The Glories of ancient Egypt are legendary. And Magic wove through every facet of life there, from religion to art, from politics to industry. Indeed, Magic was one of the qualities of the Supreme Being which They shared with Humanity in primordial time. In this class, grounded in academic fact, we will explore Temple Priesthood vs. the role of the Aahi-Shemsheta (Wise Woman), the Principles of Maat (Goddess of Universal Truth and Justice), the Neteru (the Gods and Goddesses), Shrine Rites, Amulets, Spirit Gathering, and much more.
Rev. Jonathan Sousa is a Priestex and practitioner of Sicilian-American Stregoneria (Witchcraft), with a deep love for all the cultures of the Mediterranean. Their areas of focus include Angelic Magic, Tarot, and trance prophecy.
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**If you can't make this date the class is being recorded and will be available for purchase afterward to be viewed online. We will email the materials to you.**
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December 17
6:30pm - 9:00pm
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