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Psychometry Class with Jessica Kozak Shaw
By Jessica Kozak Shaw
Psychometry Class with Jessica
"A Supernatural University Class to learn, and practice this skill"
Psychometry is the ability to understand things about a person by touching something that belongs (or belonged) to them, or a place.
Essentially, psychometry is the belief that things have souls. The way we interact with them imprints a memory into them. If you’re sensitive enough to the energy emitted by objects, you can learn about their history and the people who owned them.

The word “psychometry” literally means “measuring soul” (psych means soul or mind and metry is the act of measuring something).

People who have mastered psychometry use their extrasensory gifts to tap into the energy an object emanates – almost like an energy signature that carries a story. Most psychometrists are also empaths, a type of psychic who uses energy and emotion to guide others. Psychometry isn’t an exact science. People will detect emanations differently, based on their own gifts and intuitions. For example, some psychics may see visions associated with an item, while others will detect a smell or emotion.

Bring some items to class be it pictures, jewelery, keys, clothing to practice with each other in class.  

 Jessica will teach about this topic and about what the workshop is about and then will demonstrate the skill of psychometry. The rest of the workshop will be dedicated to participants practicing the skill under Jessica's supervision.
In Person or Online Via Zoom
Thursday August 4th 2022
Cost: $35
REGISTRATION INFO: To Register please contact: or 508-617-4088 and confirm if you are taking it via zoom or in-person
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