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Bridging Love From Heaven with Jodi St. Onge
By Jodi St. Onge
Bridging Love From Heaven
a Spirit Gallery of Messages
with Jodi St Onge
Join, Professional Spirit Medium Jodi St.Onge for an evening of Bridging Love from Heaven. It's Jodi's deep passion in life is to promote healing within the community. Sharing in these messages, and delivering evidence from the spirit world is just one more way to heal our hearts. During this night, Jodi, will connect with those in the Spirit World and share with the audience, evidence of their loved ones, with shared memories of the life that was lived, the life that was shared, and life that continues. It's always amazing to see what Spirits share with Jodi, as she is constantly in amazement of their capacity to communicate with us. Sometimes it's just what we need to heal our hearts, lift our grief and allow us another moment of connecting with our beautiful loved ones.
About Jodi:
Trained in various forms of hands on healing, Reiki, Karuna®, New Paradigm MDT®, Crystal Healing, and Sound. Jodi's passion for healing and mediumship began as a small child with her first experiences with the Spirit World. She began practicing hands on healing, and spirit communication, which grew as she entered into her twenties. Leading her down a path of Alternative Healing and Wellness. As a medium, she continued to expand in her abilities, training with top international mediums, from the United States and the UK. Where she expanded her knowledge of, and abilities to communicate with the Spirit World.
It has become one of Jodi's deepest loves, and missions in life to bring validation love and healing to each person she works with. As a medium, she reaches for that special evidence, memories between those in the Spirit World and those in the living. As a bridge to the Spirit World, she uses her connection with God, the Angels and Spirit to bring healing and hope to those still here. Validating that life and above all, love is eternal.
April 27
7:00pm - 9:00pm
The Soul Purpose
1211 Grand Army of the Republic Highway Unit 14
Swansea, MA
The Soul Purpose