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Healing & Transformation Using The Violet Flame with Jessica
By Jessica Kozak Shaw
A Time for Healing & Transformation Using The Violet Flame:
With Jessica Kozak Shaw
PRE-REGISTRATION is required for this event. Class is available in-person or on Zoom. Once you purchase your ticket please email with your email address for her to send you the class packet and zoom info the morning of the event.
World events and changes are happening at lightning speed. We are in constant contact with news and crisis situations around the world. We are also impacting the world by who we are and what we believe, what we are choosing to be, or not to be.
Each one’s choice truly matters.
What can one person do in the face of political turmoil, economic challenge, weather extremes, and a pandemic? The truth is, every spiritual seeker is a powerhouse of spiritual energy and counts for more in the world equation than most realize. We can make the crucial difference in world events.
The Violet Flame is the intense spiritual energy that can deliver fast positive change. Using this beautiful energy for oneself and all of humanity assists in transmutating negative karma. As a result it creates more unity, positivity, and One-Mindedness.
In this Class Jessica will teach you about this divine ray of energy that anyone of us can access. You will be taught how to tap into it and use it for healing purposes and transformation. A guided meditation to connect and attune you to work with the violet flame will be done at the end of the class along with a meditation for for using the violet flame world healing.
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May 26
6:30pm - 8:30pm
The Soul Purpose
1211 Grand Army of the Republic Highway Unit 14
Swansea, MA
The Soul Purpose