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Mediumship Development Certification with Jessica Kozak Shaw
By Jessica Kozak Shaw

Class is 10:00-5:30

This class is for those looking to develop their awareness of Spirit, to teach skills to communicate with Spirit. Whether you want to enhance your own psychic abilities, learn to be connected to your loved ones, or use these techniques, knowledge and tools in your own mediumship development work, then this class is designed to assist you in an environment to open up and unfold your natural soul abilities. As a student, you will walk away with some valuable exercises to continue practicing and developing at home.

What to Expect in This Class

During this class, Jessica will discuss techniques for your continued development and explain how vitally important your body is when developing your psychic and mediumistic abilities. Topics:

  • Preparing your body, mind & spirit for training
  • Meditations to open you up to your mediumship
  • Power building exercises to increase your psychic power & sensitivity
  • Exercises around clairvoyance, clairsentience or clairaudience abilities
  • Psychometry – how to obtain information from places and objects
  • Using your energy field to blend with those here and in spirit
  • Understanding and interpreting the messages you receive
  • The many ways Spirit use to create a link and get their message across
  • The healing power of Spirit energy
  • Spirit guides and their role in the development and how they work with mediums
  • Building confidence as you expand your potential in the future
  • Safety techniques/protection
  • Mediumship Ethics and Responsibility

**We will take a break so please pack a lunch and a snack**

About Your Instructor - Jessica Kozak Shaw

Rev. Jessica Shaw is an Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Holy Fire III Karuna Master-Teacher, and Energy Medicine Practitioner/Teacher. She has been doing Reiki and Energy Healing for 20 years and teaching for 15 years. She has been a Spirit Medium since a little girl. She owns The Soul Purpose in Swansea, MA which she opened in 2005.

May 14
10:00am - 5:30pm
The Soul Purpose
1211 Grand Army of the Republic Highway Unit 14
Swansea, MA
The Soul Purpose