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Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Sound Healing Experience with Jessica
By Jessica Kozak Shaw
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Event is 6:30 - 8:00PM
*Please bring a mat, warm blanket, pillow, bolster or pillow for under your knees for the floor or an antigravity/lounge chair as you will be on the floor for a bit and it is important you are comfortable**
Join Jessica in this wonderful Group Sound Healing along with a Holy Fire Reiki Meditation Experience. 
Prior to the sound bath Jessica will guide you into a Holy Fire III Healing Meditation Experience. You will remain in this Holy Fire Healing Experience while Jessica does Sound Healing where she incorporates Crystal Bowls, drumming, tuning forks, rattles and rain stick along with Chanting and Toning the Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Symbols. Chanting along with the sound instruments creates a powerful space for healing while also receiving the reiki healing energy. Students experience powerful healings and releases in these sessions.
Would you like to experience the transformative energy of Holy Fire Reiki? The Holy Fire Reiki Healing Meditation can be received by people who are unfamiliar with Reiki or by anyone with multiple Reiki attunements, ignitions & placements. This healing meditation is powerful as it helps to bring awareness to unwanted energy patterns, removes energy blockages, & can work on multiple levels of a person’s energy field. Bring intent for healing something in your life or perhaps to empower a goal. Please note: the Holy Fire Reiki Experience can be a catalyst for deep healing, so be prepared for this possibility.
The Sound Healing combined with the meditation will make it a powerful evening!
May 20
6:30pm - 8:00pm
The Soul Purpose
1211 Grand Army of the Republic Highway Unit 14
Swansea, MA
The Soul Purpose