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The Mystic and Shaman Approach to Ancient Energy Medicine
By Jessica Kozak Shaw Sarah Breen

The Mystic and Shaman Approach to Ancient Energy Medicine

"Where Star Wisdom meets Earth Wisdom"

A 6-Hour Certification Event with Rev Jessica Kozak Shaw, Mystic and Sarah Breen, Shaman

Sat: July 30th 


Cost: $144

*Available in-Person or Online Via Zoom*

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We will take a 30-min lunch break

Come experience the wisdom of the Stars and Earth with the Mystic and the Shaman as they peel back the layers of hidden magick. Coming back to Earth with an authentic
perspective that works in the modern-day mind and society. Tools and allies
become an essential force in the devoted path as a mystic and/or shaman.
What is the difference? Are there any differences? Come experience the
deep and fun discussion of the sacred tools behind the wisdom. Laugh,
heal, and expand as we show you the mystical side of the ancient crystal
skulls, hidden realms in spirit, and truths that will stretch your idea
of reality as you know it.


You will learn:

·       About these tools and how to anchor them in.  We will teach meditation techniques in class to assist in guiding the oneself to work and integrate with these tools

·       Develop a grounded pathway to navigate a devotion for oneself to open up your own mystical and shamanic connections to the stars and earth

·       You will gain clarity and understanding about sacred truths with an approach to integrate into one's being with ease and grace

·       A certificate of completion will be awarded as the Mystic & Shaman Integration 101. Your activation will create pathways to a wider perspective into the realms of inner truth that create empowerment and flow with your original mind.

Special Addition to this Class: Group Healing & Activation

Jessica and Sarah will be integrating an Introduction to working with the Sacred Crystal Skulls.  We will explore the ancient stories from different traditions around the globe pertaining to Crystal Skulls and their ancient healing properties.  This class will feature a Crystal Skull Guided Meditation and Healing. Bring your Crystal Skull if you have one or connect with one of ours! Crystal Skulls have been dated back to ancient times as valuable and potent healing tools. They are found around the globe, in most every culture and religion. Pop culture and the media have often misled people by portraying skulls as a symbol of darkness and negativity when in fact, crystal skulls and skulls in general are often found in religious art, on religious altars and in museums around the world.  Skulls are an ancient symbol of healing and transformation.  Learn more about how these powerful tools have been accredited with healing disease, connecting energy grids and aiding in global meditations around the planet.

Rev Jessica Kozak Shaw is a Minister/Director, Mystic, Master Energy Medicine Healer and Owner of the Soul Purpose.  She has trained under many teachers in Energy Medicine, QHHT, Spirituality, Interfaith,  Mysticism, and Toltec. She has been practicing for 22 years and loves teaching.  Sarah Breen is a Shaman and Energy Medicine Healer who has 16 years of experience and has 8 years specific to being training in shamanism.  She has been trained in Peruvian , Toltec and Native American Shamanism.  She also has had many teachers and like Jessica they continue to expand their knowledge and wisdom.

July 30
9:00am - 4:00pm
The Soul Purpose
1211 Grand Army of the Republic Highway Unit 14
Swansea, MA
The Soul Purpose