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Soul Readings W/ Jessica ~ Recorded Audio Readings Emailed
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By Jessica Kozak Shaw
Soul Readings with Jessica
Recorded Audio Readings Emailed
50-60mins ~ $133
****REGISTRATION INFO: Jessica opens up slots for these special readings as she makes openings in her schedule.  You can book  through the ticketing link with the available dates and time slots. You can confirm with Jessica at
To Register & Purchase Ticket click on the Register Now Icon.  If on a cell phone please click on the ticket icon in the upper right hand corner. ****
These readings have limited availability with Rev Jessica Kozak Shaw, Master Energy Medicine Healer, Mystic, and Soul Intuitive Reader. A Soul Reading is developed by Jessica and her team of spirit guides to bring awareness to the blocks in your energy field that are limiting your Soul from living its full potential. In this reading Jessica will channel her guides, your guides, and use some oracle card spreads to get in tune with some energy blockages to give you a picture on where your patterns are replaying and draining energy. She will tap into higher guidance to assist you in navigating and looking at ways to repattern and move and release the energy that limits you. She will plug into the part of you that is your sacred truth to assist you in getting in touch and remembering that aspect of yourself. This is the part that we often forget. We often take on roles expected of us and create blockages in our energy field then feel tired and unfulfilled. In this reading Jessica will channel guidance for you to alchemize into your life and see the beauty of your Soul and how to integrate this full aspect into your existing life with compassion and grace.
“We all have a unique Soul Essence within us, that is like a fingerprint. No one else in the universe has the same essence. Once we connect to it and feel it within ourselves then we can bring it forth into our soul purpose and bring our truth forward with confidence in this lifetime”
Jessica Kozak Shaw
When you schedule your reading you will need to email a picture of yourself to Jessica along with a few sentences on where you feel blocked in your body and life or an area you would like her to focus on, along with your date of birth and full name.
The reading is a PRERECORDED channeled reading emailed to you (approximately 50-60mins) where Jessica will talk to you about what she is receiving . From there your spirit team, through Jessica’s interpretation, will offer the guidance available within your full energy system so you can have a map forward to make appropriate changes to release patterns and move your life forward with more energy that you had before. These readings are healing.
"Jessica sits and meditates in the energy all day so the channeling takes and hour but the energy and reading of her clients begins for her readings at the start of the day and is a whole day process of sitting in this sacred container. The recordings are sent at the end of the day once  she cleans them up and uploads them."
Jessica has been working with channeling through streams of consciousness from her sacred team of guides and forces in her life since she was a small child. She uses this gift to assist you and create a map back to yourself. Ultimately it is our responsibility with what we do with the guidance we receive from our guides. From Jessica’s experience they always push you to your Soul’s calling. Only you will know exactly what that is but receiving some awareness, compassionate perspective, and guidance is always a powerful gift in our sacred earth journey of life .
You do not need to be present for the schedule time, only energetically open for Jessica to plug into your energy field with your invitation. Many report feeling as if they are receiving an energy healing during the appointment time. It is common to feel tired or relaxed afterward. You will receive your audio link the end of the day of your appointment with a picture of any cards that were picked for you.
Price $133
About Jessica:
Jessica is the owner of The Soul Purpose which she opened in 2005 and has been working as a  Master Energy Medicine Healer/Teacher, Mystic, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Minister/Director of The Soul Purpose since it opened. Jessica has degrees in Management Science and Clinical Psychology with a focus in counseling. Jessica is an ordained minister of the Metaphysical Universal Ministry through their extensive study/training program since 2012. She is a Minister/Director of the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc since 2005. Her Reiki Training goes back 22 years. She is a Visionary, Mystic, and Spiritual Healer and forever student of spirit. 
June 24
2:00pm - 4:00pm
The Soul Purpose
1211 Grand Army of the Republic Highway Unit 14
Swansea, MA
The Soul Purpose