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The Art of Charm Casting for Divination & Insight with Jessica
By Jessica Kozak Shaw

The Art of Charm Casting

"Collecting and Using Charms for Divination, Insights, and Clarity" With Jessica Kozak Shaw


Did you have a lucky rabbit’s foot when you were young? Have you ever spent time searching

for a four-leaf clover? Do you wear a religious symbol such as a crucifix, star of David or an

ankh? These are all forms of charms.

charm is a symbol that represents a belief. Whether it be a belief in luck, protection, or religious devotion, it symbolizes something you hold as truth.

Charms, talismans, and amulets are similar in that they represent something we believe in for personal protection or for something we hold dear in our hearts. The word “charm” is just a generic term for a talisman or amulet that holds a magical or spiritual purpose.

Charm casting, is like any other form of divination, which is the art of seeking knowledge from the unknown. The charms you collect and use are personal and of your own choice. Meaning that you create your own divination set by collecting objects that speak to you personally and then you decide what energy they will represent.

In this class Jessica will teach you how to cast charms to receive guidance to the future or questions you may have.  You will also learn a little about reading for others.  Jessica will have lots of charms for you to make a set plus a pouch to keep them in. Please bring some of your own charms that you may have.  Charms can be religious medals, bracelet charms, keychains, buttons, stones, crystals, keys, anything you consider a charm.  Jessica will also teach you how to collect more charms for your charm bag to use in casting.  Jessica personally uses shells and medals to charm cast.


Cost: $40 (includes materials pouch & charms)


Tues Aug 30


**Register and Pay through the Ticket Link on website by clicking Register and Pay or if on a cell phone click on the ticket icon located at the upper righthand corner.  or you

Can pay via Venmo: @Jessie-Kozak-11


Contact info: or 508-617-4088 




August 30
6:30pm - 8:30pm
The Soul Purpose
1211 Grand Army of the Republic Highway Unit 14
Swansea, MA
The Soul Purpose