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Tea Time with a Witch: Tea Leave Readings with Rev Jonathan Navi
By Rev. Jonathan (Navi) Sousa
Tea Time With a Witch
With Rev. Jonathan Navi
Sunday August 21, 2022
Cost $30
Registration Info:
Register and Pay through the Ticket Link on website by clicking Register and Pay or if on a cell phone click on the ticket icon located at the upper righthand corner.
or Venmo: @Jessie-Kozak-11
Contact: to confirm registration
Rev. Jonathan Navi  is a traditional witch and an Initiate of Stregoneria (Italian and Sicilian Traditional Witchcraft), as well as being a Priestex of Diana within that Lineage. They also have experience in Traditional Wica, Angelic Magic, and Classical Graeco-Roman Polytheism.
Join Rev Jonathan Navi over an informal chat over tea and learn about Angelic Magic, Money Magic, Mythology, Folk Magic and more. Peer into the future through candle-gazing and receive a tea leaf reading. Tea Leaf reading looks at the leftover tea leaves for symbols and shapes. Within
these symbols lies clues and your reading for the future.
What message lies at the bottom of your cup?
All in attendance will receive a tea leaf reading
August 21
1:00pm - 3:00pm
The Soul Purpose
1211 Grand Army of the Republic Highway Unit 14
Swansea, MA
The Soul Purpose