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Plaster Painting Brooklyn Your Home This Summer

Have you been trying to renovate your house with painting services? Are you spending too much time investigating the options available for you? Let’s give you a brief review about how things work and what all you need before you wear your DIY-pants or call a company for plaster painting Brooklyn.

Types of Walls and Paints you’ll need:


Brick absorbs paint at first and is full of dust particles. You need to remove the free dust using a dry brush. Firstly, apply a coat of latex primer. Now again, use a top-quality latex primer and apply a coat. Triple coat is recommended if your walls look dull.

Concrete Blocks

Start the process by removing loose dust and mortar from the surface and even out the edges. Wire brush is preferred. Clean the blocks with a bleach solution and non-residue cleaner. Now use acrylic latex primer on its surface. Coat twice if the bright color isn’t achieved.


Drywall usually has a lot of small particles which should be removed using a wet cloth. Once the wall is dry, use stain-blocking primer to even-out the wall’s surface. Now use a top-quality acrylic primer for the wanted finish. For home kitchen remodeling, use a satin coat of semi-gloss paint over it.


Clean the surface with a glass cleaner and cotton cloth. Glass painting is no different than the one you did in your art & craft hobby class in school. Use specific glass paint and finish it with a semi-gloss coat to make it look classier and clearer. Be careful with your design as these paints are less viscous.


With these pointers to remember, half of your tensions will stay aside. Call the nearest company that provides house repair and renovation services. Make sure to choose after comparing the prices quoted by service providers. There is a company for plaster painting Brooklyn.

February 21, 2022 - February 01, 2023
7:00pm - 9:00pm