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MIS Webmail EQ Webmail Managed Internet Service

If you do not have login details or do not want to remember any new details then you can easily access your EQ Webmail with the existing Google or Outlook 365 account details. Preferably, you need a QGov account for login. Creating a new QGov account is so much easy and simple. All the procedure is online, check the following steps to set up!

  • Visit the official website HERE.
  • You need to add a new Mis Email Address, Mobile Number, User Name, and Password. Tick on the Agree Terms and Condition option and then Hit Continue.
  • To complete the account set up process, the system sends a confirmation code on your EQ email address.
  • Just Copy and Paste the confirmation code from the email and click on the Continue. The Confirmation code confirms that the customer email address is authentic or real.
  • Then, your New QGov account is Setup and Fully Approved for Use!

Process of Identification

In the Modern Digital Era, You do not want to visit the nearest government counter for the identification process. All the procedure is now digitalized, you can easily complete the identification process online with the help of following steps but remember you need few Government-issued documents.

  • First, you will be asked to enter your real Date of Birth and Name.
  • Now, you will see the option to select the documents which need to approve your identity.
  • Select the documents from the list, which you want to provide to complete the process. Must include one or more documents issued by Federal or State Government.
  • Each document has its own points; in total, you need 100 points to complete it.
  • Now, you will have a number of fields on your screen. Click on the hint option to see what the specific field is asking to provide. It will help you to provide the right information without any error.
  • The reference number for each document is important, provide the reference number to prove the document authenticity.
  • The provided information and documents will be checked online automatically. If anything wrong, you will get an error and try again.
  • Carefully, recheck the information and try again until it will be approved.
  • Once the provided information correct, your documents and identity will be approved fully.

Their system does not store any of your personal document information that means the process is very secure and simple.


Reset Learner Unique Identifier (LUI ) Password

Thursday, October 26