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Innovators Roundtable: Collaborating on Help for Ukrainians
By South Shore Innovation

War is terrible and the war in Ukraine has displaced and disrupted many people and families. Integration into the community and thriving are dependent on being able to take care of yourself and your family. Ukrainians, Poles, Americans and many from the international community are coming together to help.

A group from the Boston innovation community want to bring together innovative people from accelerators, workspaces, organizations actively helping Ukrainians, those thinking about helping Ukrainians and other movers-and-shakers. The goal is to be better coordinated and to share opportunities to help. This crisis is ever changing and filled with uncertainty. Navigation is difficult, but entrepreneurial people are good at this. We hope and believe coming together will help us all provide better support. I also see opportunities for investments, partnerships and collaboration for many within the Boston ecosystem.

Confirmed attendees include people and organizations

  • Helping provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine
  • Helping displaced Ukrainians in Poland
  • Helping Ukrainian startups in Poland and Ukraine
  • Exploring opportunities for investments to support Ukrainian workers and startups
  • Planning to help Ukrainians coming to the US

This event is open to anyone currently helping or with a desire to help. Bring the unique skills and talents that you and/or your organizations possess and together we can help with win-win-win support.

June 20
6:00pm - 8:00pm (EDT)
Massachusetts Innovation Network
55 Old Bedford Road Ste 100 – Off. 125
Lincoln, Massachusetts United States