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Introduction to African Historiography and Philosophy of History

Considering the theory and practice of history both now and in the past, this course will teach students what it means to be a “historian” and what it means to “do history”

Beginning with African historiography, students will explore how the telling of Africa’s history has changed with time, from the oral traditions of antiquity to those of the modern day; from 14th century epics in Arabic, to 20th century masterpieces in African languages and English. This is an essential exploration of the history of the continent and its people, providing a brilliant introduction to over 600 years of African history recitation and writing.

Students will also explore contemporary philosophies and approaches to studying Africa’s history. Considering important tools such as oral history and critical theories such as Pan-Africanism and post-colonialism, this part of the course teaches students to think critically about the latest methods for exploring Africa’s past.

*This course part of the Historiography and Philosophy of History series of the Foundation Certificate in African History

Course Director

Apeike Umolu is the Director of the African History Project. Specialising in African history, she is a passionate historian and has undertaken historical studies at the University of Oxford. She researches extensively on West African political history.

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September 25
7:00pm - 9:00pm
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