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Body Whishpering

If you had been waiting for a sign or hanging out to attend the Body Whispering Class, you won't find a better time than now! 


What is Body Whispering? 

A healing class designed to empower, heal and facilitate you in all areas of your life and also qualifies you to become a practitioner of Body Whispering. 

This means you can start your own healing business and add a revenue stream that you love!



⭐️2 Day Class - live and interactive where you will learn the core elements of Body Whispering for your own use as well as practitioner use.


⭐️Learn the Body Whispering Process for self and how to provide sessions in person and via distance for others.


⭐️Practice sessions and swaps during the class.


⭐️Have your questions answered


⭐️Resources: Replay + Recordings of Class


⭐️Body Whispering Class Manual


⭐️Body Whispering WhatsApp Group


⭐️Ongoing Practitioner Support Meetings


⭐️Prerequisites: None


⭐️Certification: Body Whispering Practitioner Certificate- allows you to provide sessions for individuals that are free or paid, in person or via distance.

April 16 - April 17
7:00pm - 9:00pm