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2023 Individual Cleanup
By Rock Creek Conservancy

Trash is a visible form of stormwater pollution, a major threat to water quality and park health. Litter removal makes the parklands cleaner, safer, and more beautiful for all. Make a difference for Rock Creek in your own community, on your own time – host an individual cleanup! 

Individual cleanups are just what they sound like: you, your mask, a trash bag, and whatever part of the Rock Creek watershed that means the most to you.

You may choose any time and date that works for you to complete this activity; if you are in a park, be sure you are only working during the hours the park is open (generally dawn to dusk). 

For all individual cleanups:

  • Use your judgment. Don't pick up anything that seems unsafe or unsanitary. 
  • Wear gloves.
  • Before heading out, register your cleanup so we can celebrate the Rock Creek community and our combined efforts.
  • After you clean up, let us know how you’ve helped Rock Creek by submitting this report to indicate how many bags of trash you picked up, how many people participated, and for how long.    
  • Then do it again!

The Rock Creek watershed is almost 80 square miles and has a lot of different land managers. Cleanups can happen anywhere you'd like and where you have permission.  Doing a cleanup in your neighborhood is a great way to stop the litter before it gets into our parks! 

Remember to register for your Individual Cleanup:  SIGN UP HERE

If you have any questions please contact us at


Sunday, January 01 - Sunday, December 31