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Designing Sioux Falls: What...Was? Is? If?

Exhibit Opens November 18th

     How does a city grow and improve? It’s a loaded question, but one way is by city planning. Through a city planner’s perspective, new developments, districts, and projects can revitalize, change, and grow a city. Projects can be as big as an entire district or as small as a neighborhood park. Regardless of the scope, the goal is to improve the city for its current and future residents.     

      Architectural drawings and models help us understand city planners’ visions. Examples of models can be found in ancient times. These early pieces were likely commemorative pieces. Models’ purposes gradually changed over time. Today, drawings and models are used to explain and visually represent concepts to contractors, engineers, city planners, and the general public.

    The models, renderings, and plans you will find in Designing Sioux Falls: What...Was? Is? If? represent projects divided into three categories. Projects that were built and are no longer there, projects that were built and still exist today, and projects that were never fully realized. These models and projects represent what Sioux Falls is, was, and could have been. Join us for the exhibit opening reception at the Old Courthouse Museum on Thursday, November 18th from 5-7 p.m. Admission is free!

November 18
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Old Courthouse Museum
200 West 6th Street
Sioux Falls, South Dakota United States