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Take Root with Jon Lehrer Dance Company and Colectiva Flamenco Rosado
Jon Lehrer Dance Company will present “Life, Laughter, and the Human Connection”, a performance consisting of three JLDC works that embody the company’s joyous and uplifting style, celebrating life and the human condition. Kicking off the program will be “Stand”, a searing solo for 9-year company member Cristiana Cavallo, with music by Regina Spektor. This brand new work exemplifies the strength and stability needed to navigate life. Next, the comedic romp “SuperZereos”, a zany and cartoonish look at a family of wannabe superheroes who fight more amongst themselves than anything. Featuring Mahalia Brookes & Kristen Hedberg as the sisters, Gabrielle DiNizo as the dad, Michael Miller as the mom, and Richard Sayama as the baby brother, with music by Bellstedt, Rigolleto, Dvorak, Bach, and Sibelius. Closing the program is “Murmur”, a quartet that looks at the phenomenons of murmuration and quantum entanglement in relation to us as humans. Performed by Cristiana Cavallo, Gabrielle DiNizo, Patrick Piras, and Richard Sayama, this heartwarming, lyrically infused work features music by Budo, The Cinematic Orchestra, and Grey Reverend.
Flamenco Rosado is a collective exploring the intersection of queerness, identity, ethnicity, decolonization, and healing through the framework of traditional flamenco as a performance, community engagement event, and egalitarian practice. Utilizing the traditional structure of the cuadro (ensemble) we are developing — through conversation and action — a queer tablao (traditional style performance). Through this “queering” of the practice, our goal is to find new pathways in how we can relate to the art of flamenco from our individual practices, perspectives and voices. 
February 10
8:00pm - 10:00pm