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SSLP Links Meeting

Each SSLP school nominates one or two senior teachers to be their SSLP Link teacher. These teachers are in regular contact with the SSLP Coordinator and the SSLP Directors. The SSLP Link teachers are responsible for sharing SSLP opportunities with teachers and students in their schools, and for sharing school activities with the SSLP.

Termly meetings allow SSLP Link teachers to engage with each other, learn about new events, feedback on previous events and to shape the SSLP as a partnership of equals.

Meeting Report


Alleyn's School, Ark Evelyn Grace Academy, Charter School East Dulwich, City Heights E-ACT Academy, Dulwich College, Elmgreen School, Harris Boys Academy East Dulwich, JAGS, Kingsdale Foundation School, St Saviour’s & St Olave’s.

Ark Globe Academy, Compass Academy Southwark, Queen's College London, St Thomas Apostle College, South Bank University Academy, Westminster City School.


Charter School North Dulwich, St Michael's Catholic College


Dr Spence (SSLP Co-Director) welcomed everyone to the meeting with special mention to the Headteacher of City Heights who joined the meeting for the first time.

Ms May informed the meeting that it has been a pleasure and a privilege to be a Co-Director of SSLP but that she would be looking to hand-over to another state school headteacher from Easter or September. All state school headteachers are invited to consider whether they would like to take up this opportunity. Thanks was given to Ms May for everything she has offered the partnership since becoming a Director in September 2017.

There followed an update on current SSLP activities.

Aspiring Senior Leaders

58 Aspiring Senior Leaders from 13 schools have registered for the four-part development programme. Forty-six attended the first session on curriculum conversations and feedback has been excellent. The next session will be on 19th January with Chris Moyse (performance management) and the third virtual session will be on 23rd February Jessica McQuaid (Behaviour of a Senior Leader). The fourth and final session will be a panel discussion with senior SSLP leaders sharing their real experiences.

The meeting discussed ways to further engage participants by having tasks to complete between sessions and/or by assigning mentors to participants. Whilst the virtual sessions encourage attendance there is hope that the in-person session will aid networking between the future school leaders.

WCIB Debate Mate

The Worshipful Company of International Bankers are providing funding for the following:

Five schools to receive six Debate Mate workshops commencing during the week of 24th Jan.

Virtual Debate Mate Teacher Training for 15 teachers on Thursday 20th Jan 3:30-6:30pm.

A Debating competition on Wednesday 23rd March for ten beginner teams. There will be a fee of £150 per team of six. A venue is required that has one large hall and four additional competition rooms.

Thinking About webinars

A varied programme of speakers are lined up for this term. We require student co-hosts for all the webinars, these can come from any KS4 or 5 year group.

CERN Particle School

Now in its 11th Year the CERN Particle School provides 24 students the chance to work with researchers from Liverpool University and CERN for a week of structured activities between 22nd – 26th August. This year the school will be online. Entry is via an 800-word essay, the deadline for entry is Saturday 26th February. Participation is limited to students from SSLP, Sevenoaks, Birmingham and Liverpool.

So You Want to be…

The second careers webinar for Key Stage 3 students was …an Architect. An estimated 150+ students from seven schools attended across the two lunchtime sessions. The meeting discussed possibly offering law and medicine for future webinars.

Oxbridge & Medicine mock interviews

Ninety-three mock interviews were conducted for students from 10 schools by six schools (72 Oxbridge, 21 Medicine). Thank you to everyone who conducted an interview, the experience is incredibly valuable to students whether or not they are successful.

Mental Health Conference

Held on Thursday 25th November at Church House, Westminster. The conference was attended by 10 schools. The morning speakers were Jo Ray, An integrative Arts Psychotherapist and is the Lead Counsellor at Dulwich College; Dr Irene Sclare, A Consultant Clinical Psychologist and leader of the DISCOVER programme; and Gary Baron, A qualified Psychotherapist and Counsellor.

In the afternoon the students split into groups and were supported by Young Citizens to agree upon a Mental Health Social Action Project. More details can be found on

The students will continue to work on and deliver their projects in cross-school groups throughout the spring term. The projects are Activity Days, Peer Mentoring and Teacher Training.

For the projects to be a success each school needs a supporting teacher to mentor the students and ensure they are meeting their deadlines and milestones. Also, each project needs a lead teacher to help the students set the milestones and deadlines and to keep the project moving along. The only volunteer at the moment is Charter East / Joshua, but there has been no communication since. This role would be ideal for an aspiring senior leader as it demonstrates working with other schools and responsibility.

The meeting then discussed the ImpactEd Evaluation (Autumn 2021).

Part of the Department for Education funding received is being used to evaluate the impact of the SSLP. The first survey was sent at the end of the summer term 2020/21 and we sent it again in the middle of the Autumn term 2021/22.

97 students from 3 schools and 51 teachers from 5 schools completed the evaluation form in the Autumn term. We will use this data to compare with the end of 2020/21 and the end of 2021/22.



Discussion in the meeting included actively seeking out a cross-representation of teachers and students in SSLP schools and encouraging them to complete the survey, and whether we are trying to measure the correct impact of the partnership.

No matters were raised for any other business.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 28th April

June 23, 2022
4:30pm - 6:00pm
St Thomas Apostle College
Hollydale Road Nunhead
St Thomas Apostle College