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Thinking About... the intrigue of languages
By SSLP The Elmgreen School

Thinking About... the intrigue of languages

Dr Clive Young has enjoyed a lifelong fascination with language, both in terms of how it works but also how it is used by people and groups. Starting with the Scots tongue he spoke as a ‘bairn’, he has tried to learn several languages with varying degrees of success. Clive will take you on a journey through his own curious language history, attempting to explain why he finds languages just so intriguing and, on the way, sharing some tips on how to study them.

Clive heads the digital education advisory team at University College London. His team works with academic colleagues to design and support online approaches to teaching and learning. Clive was an associate lecturer at the Open University for ten years and has directed numerous educational programmes in the UK and Europe.

Clive was invited to speak to the SSLP by The Elmgreen School.

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The Thinking About... series is held as a Zoom webinar. Selected students are invited to host the guest speaker whilst other participants can ask questions remotely via the Q&A. Other than the hosts and the speakers no other participants will have live cameras or microphones.