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Thinking About... Blood Legacy
By SSLP Dulwich College

Alex Renton is a campaigning journalist working on poverty, the environment, food culture and food poverty. He has won awards for investigative journalism, war reporting and food writing.

Alex's book Blood Legacy, published in May 2021, is a reckoning of his family's story of slavery. He asks whether the British who benefited from slavery can acknowledge the ongoing consequences. You can read why Alex wrote Blood Legacy and find out about his family's reparative actions in this piece from The Times.

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Alex was invited to speak to the SSLP by Dulwich College.

The Thinking About... series is held as a Zoom webinar. Selected students are invited to host the guest speaker whilst other participants can ask questions remotely via the Q&A. Other than the hosts and the speakers no other participants will have live cameras or microphones. registration will take place via a Zoom link.