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Trailblazer Talk -Rachel O'Neil

Subject: EQ (Emotional Intelligence) via the ECS (Endocannabinoid System)

About Rachel:

As the founder of PeopleNova Human Capital, Rachel blends the wellness benefits of cannabis with the strategic benefits of executive coaching. Rachel helps clients design their intentional relationship with cannabis to remove roadblocks and sustain transformation. Neuroscience indicates the brain has plasticity to help us rewire neural pathways to shift our mindset.


Rachel is outspoken about Anti Racism efforts to help dismantle white supremacy. Professionally, Rachel challenges the status quo of systemic racism in employment contexts. Personally, Rachel’s brother has been impacted by systemic racism in the criminal justice system. Rachel combines her life experience, professional experience, and emotional intelligence to facilitate conversations with white people to foster courageous conversations and drive positive change.


Rachel is very public about her mental wellness journey. Rachel was ready for change and completed the 7-day intensive Hoffman Process to better understand her own negative love patterns. Rachel continues the self-work to live her purpose with intention and serve her clients.


Rachel has a depth of business experience in a wide variety of industries building people strategies and organizational cultures that boost employee engagement, increase brand loyalty, and build interactions that exceed customers’ expectations. From pre-IPO firms, to biotech, software, tech, manufacturing, and even non-profits, Rachel both has a wealth of knowledge and a tenacious curiosity that sets her apart. She has a deep love of art and cultural diversity that serves her and her clients well as they navigate the fast paced world of emerging business.


Rachel O’Neil has coached and guided leaders for 20 years. She currently helps clients achieve professional and personal success.

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June 09
local 6:00pm - 7:00pm
event 1:00pm - 2:00pm