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What you don’t know THAT you don’t know – a fertility & infertility talk to support #NIAW
By Jubel Health

Jubel empathizes with those who are on or have previously been on a fertility journey. We know every journey is unique and struggling or not, filled with lots of questions. Jubel’s mission is to empower people with medically vetted information, guidance, and support early in their journey and throughout to help strive for the best personal outcome. We hope to raise awareness of infertility experiences each and every day at Jubel, but this week especially. In honor of #NIAW2021, our medical advisors will be available on a webinar so you can #askJubel anything top of mind about fertility and infertility, and we’ll also share with you things that maybe “you don’t know that you don’t know.” Our panel includes some of the world’s best fertility specialists, OBGYNs, fertility coaches, nutritionists and fitness experts See link in our bio and please come join us – we will have some exciting things to share and giveaways in store.

Topics that will be covered (but not limited to) are:

  • Understanding the components of a fertility work-up and deciphering the results
  • Conversations to have with an OBGYN early on and knowing when to see a specialist
  • Infertilty factors and the basics of egg quality
  • Impact of exercise and nutrition on fertility and what to do before and after infertility treatments to optimize outcomes
  • The value of emotional support from a coach to guide you throughout your journey preparing
  • Testing associate with infertility treatments such as genetic testing
  • Understanding the process of donor sperm/eggs

Moderated by: Rachel Bond, Founder and CEO of Jubel Health

Panel Members:

Angie Stewart Goka, MPH, CSCS

Andy Huang, M.D., REI, RPMG


Connie Stark, RNC, C.P.C., Fertility Coach

David Finke, M.D., OB-GYN:

Emily Mitchell, MS, RD, Nutrition