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Cloud Gate "Lunar Halo" & "13 Tongues" - Taiwan presents
Wednesday, January 18
Wednesday, January 18, 2023 - Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan
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Cloud Gate is the name of the oldest known dance in China. In 1973, choreographer LIN Hwai-min adopted this classical name and founded the first contemporary dance company in the greater Mandarin-speaking community. In 2020, CHENG Tsung-lung succeeded LIN as the company's Artistic Director. 

Cloud Gate has set out to engage with local history, culture and subject matter and draws on classical, folk and modern dance from both the western and Asian traditions. Its dancers receive training in meditation; Qi Gong, an ancient breathing exercise; internal martial arts; modern dance; and ballet. Under the leadership of CHENG, the training has expanded to more dancing styles, such as street dance.

"Lunar Halo is a work full of metaphor but easy to place in the context of the modern world." Performing to a hauntingly ethereal soundtrack, the dancers interact wtih each other - in pairs, groups, or as an ensemble - as well as with multiple large LED panels that are filled with fluidly moving shapes, colors and images so that their sheer physicality highlights one of the essential questions of our age: if we can satisfy our needs and desires with just a few taps of a screen, what is the purpose of the human body?

*Program Duration: Approximately 70 minutes with no interval*

"13 Tongues is a sensationally big, indulgent, and visually arresting expression of cultural memory." On a stage awash with projections of brilliant colors, shapes, and images, with music ranging from Taoist chants to folk songs to electronica, the dancers gather, interact, separate and re-gatehr in a thrilling representation of the clamor of street life that appears to merge and dissolve time and space and beliefs in an immersive honoring of memories and stories. 

*Program Duration: Approximately 65 minutes with no interval*

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