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MILKLEAF as part of Pentacle's ASP Showcases
Wednesday, January 18
Wednesday, January 18, 2023 - Tuesday, January 31, 2023
This is an online event at Imagine Dance Festival Go to event website
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MILKLEAF'S virtual showcase video will be available for viewing here beginning January 2, 2022 and will feature the following works:

Nostalgia's Window

Movement gesture, video projection, soundscape, and filmic processes converge in Nostalgia’s Window to explore the connective tissue of light and dark as a vehicle for ancestral communion. Developed during a residency at the UC Irvine Experimental Media Performance Lab, a technically fluent modular black box, this twenty-minute multimedia solo dance employs aerial hammock, prototyped scenic design, and multichannel video projection. MILKLEAF seeks commissioners and presenter partners for the completion and premiere of Nostalgia’s Window in 2023-2024 as part of a full MILKLEAF program or with a mixed bill. This work in progress is flexible and could be adapted for your black box, proscenium, or gallery performance space.


Through explores our infinite plasticity and captures the sensation of existing between fixed states. Created in collaboration with an ensemble of eleven Dance majors at The University of California, Irvine the work premiered on Dance Visions at Irvine Barclay Theater in February 2020 with original music composed by Aaron Chavez. The dancers participated in the process by generating personal iterations of choreographed movement phrases and recording voice overs that were interwoven into the score.

A Difficult Conversation

Co-choreographed with Ariyan Johnson in 2022, with original music by Beat Box Artist Nicole Paris and vocal loops recorded by the choreographers, this work explores the real and imagined dialogues conducted in close relationships and within ourselves. The contrasting scenes juxtapose Johnson’s African Diasporic dance forms, including Hip Hop and House, and Griffin's eclectic approach to modern and post-modern vocabularies. This work streamed online due to the Omicron surge in 2022, but is intended for live performance.

Impromptu III: Walls Running

Walls Running explores the push and pull of dimensional elasticity and layered imagery. During pandemic stay at home orders, these energetic dancers assembled green screen kits to capture their solo performances in isolation, which were digitally combined into a shared screenworld. At a time when we were running up the walls, these artists transcended COVID obstacles.


For booking inquiries, contact:

Charlotte Griffin


Charlotte Griffin's choreography places unadorned natural forms and everyday gestures in concert with sublime virtuosity to capture the fleeting and enduring nature of the human experience across a broad aesthetic and technological field. The Cambrians, American Dance Festival, The Juilliard School, BJM Danse in Montreal and more have commissioned her concert repertory. She created ballets for The University of North Carolina School of the Arts Choreographic Institute, The New York Choreographic Institute with the New York City Ballet, and for Eliot Feld's Ballet Tech Kids Dance. She has been a guest artist at ArcDanz, Lux Boreal, Springboard Danse Montreal, Korea National University of Arts, The Yard, the Bates Dance Festival, and more. Her award-winning dance films have screened internationally and influence her continued research of choreo-cinematic form. As an educator, Griffin aims to generate nourishing and empowering artistic praxis for the next generation of dancers.


In 2020, Charlotte Griffin founded MILKLEAF, a dance laboratory and production company, to create and support interdisciplinary works that explore the vulnerability and power of the human form for live performance, screendance, and multimedia experiences.

Community engagement and educational outreach are central to the MILKLEAF mission. Milk is feeding. Leaf is reading. MILKLEAF aims to integrate performances with community action around food justice and literacy. MILKLEAF's collaborators are experienced educators able to offer educational programming in contemporary dance forms, movement improvisation, composition, and multimedia storytelling."