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Romy Nordlinger ~ "Garden of Alla ~ The Alla Nazimova Story"
Wednesday, January 18
Wednesday, January 18, 2023 - Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Romy Nordlinger ~ "Garden of Alla ~ The Alla Nazimova Story"
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Americas Hall II Booth 396
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Contact Larry McCoy for an appointment to meet at the Conference or stop by Americas Hall II - Booth 396 anytime.

Garden of Alla is a critically acclaimed multimedia solo show telling the story of the greatest star you’ve never heard of: Alla Nazimova, the forgotten trailblazing iconoclast. A Jewish Crimean immigrant fleeing programs, persecution, and censorship in Tsarist Russia, she became a Broadway legend, the highest-paid silent movie star in Tinseltown, and the first female director/producer/writer in Hollywood. Unapologetic about her bisexuality, she coined the infamous “sewing circle”, proclaiming her strength when women were relegated to silence. She defied the moral and artistic codes of her time that eventually forced her into obscurity, “silenced under the smoldering rubble of forgotten history”.

The evocative black-and-white video is projected on stage, while a sweeping, original musical score envelops the performance in a live silent film. The immersive landscape created on stage illuminates the journey from turn-of-the-century Russia to New York and Hollywood in the 1920s. Garden of Alla is directed by Cailin Heffernan, a video designed by Adam Burns, and a musical score by Nick T. Moore. 

Homophobia, sexism, racism, antisemitism, and ageism ~ Nazimova was fighting these contemporary struggles back in the 19th and early 20th Centuries. Now more than ever, theater has an important role to give voice to tolerance and celebrate diversity. 

Romy is a Theatre Teaching Artist and provided theatre arts and literacy to underserved children in every borough of Manhattan. She offers interactive residencies that engage audiences in a positive dialogue on diversity, gender identity, Jewish studies, drama, film, history, ageism, and racism.

Garden of Alla Website:

Romy Nordlinger Website:

"Romy gives a haunting performance...filled with moment after moment of poignant beauty." Laurie Graff, Splash Magazines 

"It’s a fascinating account not only of Nazimova but also of Hollywood prejudice and how it can destroy the careers of its brightest stars. Accompanying video footage that includes denunciations of homosexuality from, amongst others, Donald Trump and Margaret Thatcher shows why there is more at stake today than just restoring Nazimova to her place in Hollywood history." – The Reviews Hub



"With the requisite imperious diva flourish, Nordlinger effectively paints a portrait of an independent thinker who trailblazed against the odds." The Scotsman