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8:15am - 11:45pm (EST)
January 18, 2023 - January 31, 2023
8:15am - 11:45pm (EST)
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Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble
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WINDOWS AND MIRRORSis a storytelling residency book-ended by two performances. The professional show kick-starts the residency by modeling performers sharing true stories about pivotal moments in their lives accompanied by live music. Residencies pair Strike Anywhere’s professional playwrights/actors with a school or community group. The residency focuses on the elements of an engaging story, on solo performance and culminates with every participant performing their own story. A final show highlights a select group of storytellers accompanied by Strike Anywhere musicians.  


*This program is currently available and can be delivered remotely. For virtual residencies, a selection of the participants' stories will be crafted into a beautifully produced film with an original score. 

Residency available for youth grades 6 -12, college students and adults. 


Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble received support from the Wallentas Foundation, Herb and Rita Gold Charitable Trust and the  NYC Department of Education’s Office of Arts and Special Projects for Windows and Mirrors. The residency can shift quickly to a remote or hybridized form as needed.


Please watch our promo reel and video showcase here: