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The Great Gatsby

If a film rarely (never?) lives up to the book that inspired it, "The Great Gatsby" according to Baz Luhrmann stands up well. Many scenes sound exactly like what we remember reading, proof of a faithful adaptation. The aesthetics of the film is really successful, everything is beautiful (Oscar for best costume design and best sets in 2014 after all, thanks to Catherine Martin and Beverley Dunn). Speaking of aesthetics still, if Gatsby could only be played by Leonardo DiCaprio, I am not convinced by Daisy (Carey Mulligan), I would have imagined another actress for the character. But too bad, with the F. Scott Fitzgerald cocktail, mixed with Baz Luhrmann and spiced up with a drop of Leonardo DiCaprio, it was not necessary to add too much either. We also find a Nick Carraway in the guise of Tobey Maguire, who is apparently not only in the superhero spider. One last word, for my part, I think that if my life had to be a movie, I would choose this soundtrack. It does a lot on its own.


Note that this is not the first film adaptation of Fitzgerald's book. Jack Clayton had already done so in 1974, and Herbert Brenon before him in 1926 (only one year after the novel was published, in 1925). Brenon's film, however, has been lost. No copy has ever been found, only the credits remain.

February 19